Mosquito Management Services

Pest Covered : Mosquitoes (Culex, Aedes, Anopheles)


  • Destruction of larvae (Anti larval treatment) : Spraying of mosquito larvaecidal oil / target specific insecticide on infested stagnant water bodies such as puddle, tyre filled with water, septic tanks, drainages, nalas, accumulated rain water, etc
  • Destruction of adult mosquitoes (Adulticidal treatment – Spraying & Fogging) : Spraying of residual insecticide will be done on the resting places of mosquitoes such as outer wall of the built up structure (Approximate 2 meter band on the wall & floor from the external perimeter wall & floor junction), surrounding herbs (Bushy vegetation), entry / exit doors, window, exhaust openings etc.
  • Fogging : The adulticidal (Spraying) treatment can be supplemented with fogging with a suitable chemical during dusk hours when the mosquito/flying insect activity is maximum.

Frequency : The infestation of mosquitoes depends upon the surrounding conditions, the sanitation and hygienic conditions which defer from place to place. Daily / Weekly / Twice or Thrice a week / Fortnightly / Monthly / Daily during monsoon and weekly during rest of the year are the various frequencies that can be proposed depending on the type of premises, the level of infestation, hygienic conditions, level of housekeeping, weather conditions.

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